Stay Connected to Customers with WhatsApp Business API

With WhatsApp Business API Solutions, you can connect to your customers in a secured, simple and reliable way. You will be able to surpass a wide range of expectations from your customers since it is quicker and a more intelligent approach to associate with your customers and resolve issues in the most quickest way.

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WhatsApp Marketing Service

Reach out to your target customers all at once with WhatsApp broadcasts. Send out offer announcements, recommend products, and remind customers about purchases, all at scale. PRP Service offers businesses a fantastic chance to connect with a wide and varied audience.

With personalized templates featuring buttons, you can make your messages more engaging and interactive. Plus, take advantage of custom audience targeting and segmentation to tailor your messages for maximum impact.

And with advanced analytics, you can track the performance of your campaigns, helping you refine your approach and achieve even better results.

With WhatsApp Marketing Service, connecting with your customers has never been easier

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Multi-Agent Customer Support

Improve your customer support directly with WhatsApp BusinessServices. With our multi-agent feature, several team members can help with your questions at the same time. This means quicker responses and faster solutions to any issues you might have.

Plus, we offer advanced roles and permissions, so everyone gets the right level of access. Our smart agent routing ensures your query goes straight to the person best equipped to help. And with conversation and agent reports, you can keep track of everything effortlessly.

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WhatsApp Chatbot With Automations

Connect with your customers instantly using WhatsApp Chatbots! With PRP Services, you can easily build your own chatbots using a simple drag-and-drop interface. These chatbots can help you qualify leads, answer customer questions, schedule appointments, and more. Plus, our automation features make it easy to create a smooth customer journey, boost your brand reputation, and drive growth.

Our drag-and-drop Chatbot Builder lets you create customized chatbots without any coding skills required. You can also set up workflows based on specific triggers to automate tasks. And for developers, we offer APIs to further streamline your automation processes.

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WhatsApp Business Solutions for Multi Industries

Elevate your business across various industries with WhatsApp Business Solutions. From retail to healthcare, streamline processes, engage customers, and drive growth effortlessly.

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Sell your products directly through WhatsApp and boost your sales! With WhatsApp APIs, you can easily send product offers, order updates, and more to your customers.



Empower and guide your customers right from WhatsApp. Send important transactional updates and easily answer common questions using Chatbots.


Food and Restaurants

Transform WhatsApp into your ultimate dining menu! Easily take orders, process payments, and send promotional offers to your customers. Gather valuable reviews to enhance your restaurant's reputation.



Simplify student onboarding with our user-friendly chatbots for education! Keep teachers, parents, and students informed and supported with easy notifications sent all at once.

Enhanced business performance


Boost efficiency in healthcare by scheduling appointments, sending medication reminders, and offering aftercare instructions—all conveniently through WhatsApp.

Automated data backup

Travel and Hospitality

Easily handle customer queries and sales with our multi-agent CRM login for travel and hospitality. Automate booking notifications to customers through our API and gather valuable reviews.

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With low latency and high deliverability, our WHATSAPP and CHATBOT API’s are the most reliable way to reach users around the globe.

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