What is Lead Management Software?

Lead management is a process during which leads are captured by tracking all near beyond touchpoints with different integrations from email, website and chat and then nurtured until the customer purchase your product.

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LMS Demo Section


First of all, each and every Lead will be added automatically with our API integrations, but if you want to add Lead manually then you can,Go to the Lead option then click on the Add Lead option to add Lead. If you want to add multiple Leads then click on the Bulk Add Lead option.

Bootstrap is a sleek, intuitive, and powerful front-end framework for faster and easier web development. It is a collection of CSS and HTML conventions.

You can do the campaign from the campaign option, here you can do the campaign via bulk SMS, email, WhatsApp and voice calls. All the reports related to campaign can also be viewed in the same menu.

Click on the Lead type under the Lead Master option, it defines the occupation of the Lead.

It is the option from where you get the Leads such as from Social Media, Google Ads and other sources. You can add the source type from here.

Here you can customize your Lead stages such as Conversation, Follow-Up, Converted, Closed etc.

Click on the product under the Master Menu. Here you can add name, price, description of the product and assign agents for different products.

Yes, there is an option of click to call to initiate the call. Go to the Lead option then right-click on the Lead then click on the option of click to call to manually place a call.

Right-click on the Lead then there is the option to update the conversation.

Just right click on the Lead option then click on generate ticket and then fill the details.

There is an option of Ticket master to manage the Leads.

There is an option for ticket reports where you can see the Status of the ticket.