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Voice Communication Processes

We offer an advanced interaction through multilingual communication services like Interactive Voice Response (IVR), Toll-Free Number, Virtual Number, Missed Call Service, Click-to-Call, Call Conferencing, and Bulk Outbound Dialing.

With services offered at your doorstep, we ensure delivering uninterrupted customer service to brands or businesses for a widen engagement and revenue collection.

safe and secure

Safe and secure data

Our Services offers 24x7 guarding services to ensure the safety of your sensitive data


Reliable maintenance

We prioritize maintaining your infrastructure with a 99.9 % reliable warranty


Secure web browsers

Promising your business safety, we run your data on the authentic web browser, i.e., containing the secured HTTPS links.


Customizable solutions

Whether it’s a Voice Call or SMS, Our Services provides a Customized One-Stop Solution with multiple operators

Enhanced business performance

Enhanced business performance

We provide integral voice over services without compromising your business performance

Automated data backup

Automated data backup

Voice overs are forwarded through automation, and data is backed up for an unprecedented disruption in the future

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

The Interactive Voice Response is a technology in which there are pre-recorded Messages or Voice which is text to speech feature to run on the call for the Customers interactions for the both Incoming and Outgoing Call. It works on DTMF Feature input which is entered by Customer to auto route the calls to their respective agents. An Interactive Voice Response can be used for many things, logistics, Healthcare, Education, IT Sector, Hyperlocal, Travel & Tourism, Consumer Goods, Real Estate ets. If you ever call on a Business Phone Number and had been answered by an automated greeting messages, in which you have to click on Dial Pad for answers, then you know what the IVR is. PRP Services is one of the best IVR Service Provider in India.

Voice work

Working hours seem flexible when you can interact with pre-recorded messages anytime and anywhere without compromising your performance.

Provide support

Provide support to specific customers via enabled and customized notifications.

Make interaction

Make interaction easier by offering vernacular support.

custom integrals for automating

Add custom integrals for automating your business through smart APIs.

Virtual Number

Virtual Number is a Cloud Based Numbers which has no physical phone. Cloud. This number can be tracked to route the incoming calls from customers to their specified agents as per customer queries and also to monitor the performance. Businesses, SMEs and Startups used Virtual Numbers to expand their Business as an IVR Output.

telecom channels

Assist various telecom channels like IVR, Voice-Over, E-mail, and SMS.

customer satisfaction

Practice customer satisfaction with time-saving and economical methods.

The informative infrastructure of the dashboard for significant support.

business opportunities

New business opportunities for plug-in your business services.

Toll-Free Number

A Toll Free Number is a number that Customer or Clients can call without being charged for it. The Cost of all the Incoming and Outgoing Calls bear by the Businesses who own that Toll Free Numbers. Toll-free numbers are great ways to make your customers feel special by providing them with a convenient and professional experience. We offer both local and toll-free numbers, so you can choose the right option for your business.

Responding to customer complaints through Toll-Free call services.

Customer interaction in business and non-business hours to promote the brand.

Calculated invoiced and uninvoiced expenses by date and entry.

Protection to your subscribers from unwanted SMS and


It’s a type of digital Communication in which a Consumer can call on the given Number to connect with the Customer representative in real time while surfing on the Website or in the App, without dialing the given number. With PRP Services Click to Call Solutions you can easily integrate our API to Implement the Click to Call Services.In layman language, this Click to Call allows the Customer to receive a Call from any Businesses by just dropping their numbers on the Company Website or in App.

Time saver for both the customer and business.

Lead generation tool for agents.

Cost-efficient for customers.

Directs web traffic to telephone communications.

Call Conferencing

With global support, you may hold advanced conferences anytime and anywhere. Through our support system, you can conduct a secured conversation by adding up to 100 participants. The system also allows you to record and playback the conference with hassle-free methods.

No internet connectivity is required to perform a global conference.

Open to all industries, i.e., small and medium-sized businesses.

Ensured flexibility for upholding instant conferences anytime and anywhere.

Participate in meetings through unique PIN via invites shared on mobile.

Voice Brodcasting Software

Our Services facilities a two-factor authentication process, i.e., bulk outbound dialing to deliver accurate information at a time-sensitive zone across the globe. These Voice/SMS-based broadcast services allow customers to trust the company, especially when the data is related to passwords or their bank details.

Access to multiple attempts, if failed once.

Consistently tracking business interactions through API.

Ensured delivery reports for customer support.

Global solutions to reach out to your customers around anywhere in the world.

Missed Call

The origin of missed call marketing is based on the way people in the Indian subcontinent communicate. Brands have been cashing in on this by customizing the response to a simple missed call. A missed call can be followed by an SMS, another call, or a combination of the two. The strategy for communicating with customers through a missed call is simple but effective: it allows companies to communicate with their target audience directly, reducing the costs associated with marketing and advertising campaigns by not spending on brick and mortar advertising. PRP Services is one of the best Missed Call Service provider in India.

Widened reach among rural population through landline registered numbers

Allows integrated business interaction for customer satisfaction.

Hassle-free facilities to callers as no expense is generated.

Monitor all activities on your site to ensure maximum conversions

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