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Recognize best leads from a group of approaching leads

Measure ROI from your online promotion

Sustain guaranteeing leads into conversions

Draw in with leads near beyond different touchpoints

Look at and trace essential data about leads

What is Lead Management Software?

Lead management is a process during which leads are captured by tracking all near beyond touchpoints with different integrations from email, website and chat and then nurtured until the customer purchase your product.

We have been reliably appraised as the best lead management solution by both customers and experts. From lead capturing and analyzing to conversion, consider some of the popular ways to find sales success with us. Now close more deals with less work.

Get customised integrations like Bulk SMS, IVR (Interactive voice response), Toll-Free, Outbound dialing, Click to call, Missed call, WhatsApp API etc. all included in our CRM.

Lead Capturing Software

During the lead generation activities, there are different approaches to reach potential buyers, such as email, website, social media, and paid advertisements. A decent lead management software guarantees that every lead is automatically fed into the CRM system from different integrations keeping no possibilities from getting lost in the noise.

  • Customize your business outreach without digging for details.
  • Invest less time & energy getting ready for your follow up.
  • Track deals action across your entire team.
  • Save time by driving the deals just inside our CRM.
  • Never miss any high-target lead visiting the website with the help of our LMS.

Interact with leads from

Integration with LinkedIn Sales Navigator makes it simple for you to seek out and interact together with your prospects on LinkedIn. View your prospects, complete professional data from LinkedIn inside your CRM and have the required insights to interact better.

Generate quality leads from

Have all of your lead information synchronized in LMS. Manage Facebook discussions together with your prospects in real-time. You can likewise utilize the assistance of Sales Signals to get constant Facebook notifications.

Lead Distribution Software

Physically assigning a high volume of leads to the right sales reps can be tedious and can lead to delay in response time. But with us that's not an issue, our system automatically assigns leads to salesperson based on product, department or supported geography. Ensure that you don't pass up leads basically in view of inappropriate client commitment strategies.

Encourage more leads via omnichannel communication:

Utilize our omnichannel communication as a medium to connect with your leads as soon they land on your site and understand various stages your leads go through in their buying lifecycle and activity timeline. Engage with your leads by means of social media, phone, live chat, and even face to face.

Create Customized emails for targeted email campaigns:

Draw in possibilities at each phase of the business channel through powerful email marketing campaigns. Create targeted campaigns for strategically important clients in your list with supported spread of parameters like past engagement, geography, and purchase history.

Make your Leads
as your Deals:

Lead qualification decides whether a lead is ready to buy or subscribe to your product or service. While converting, you'll likewise make quick follow-ups. Our LMS assists you to change your promising results into deals faster. Lead management system can make your work simple by ranking your leads based on their engagement and interest in your product/organization and recognize leads with a solid goal to buy.

Catch up with the advertisement campaigns which bring you quality leads:

Our LMS service with Google Ads will present to you a whole image of your online advertisement spending and how much income each campaign creates. With this integration, you can easily track marketing and sales KPIs through visual reports and measure the ROI of every single campaign in your organization. Estimating results using reports is a indication of efficient lead management, and a decent lead management software can assist you in accomplishing that.

Since you have a reasonable thought of how a lead management software can help your business, what’s next?

Get the best lead management software. Try Our CRM. It includes built-in lead management features, where leads are automatically captured and enriched in your CRM database. Track lead activities, distinguish leads, qualify them, and sustain them into clients, all from inside your CRM software and use it with various integrations too. Indeed, you can do this from a single sales tool.

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