What is Voice Broadcasting Service?

Voice broadcasting is a method of mass communication that allows you to place automated phone calls to a large number of people at the same time. Call blasting service can be used for notifications, alerts, offers, announcements, and surveys. A simple IVR can also be implemented in the call blast to record customer responses.

Benefits of Voice Broadcasting Service

Send offer updates, broadcast campaigns, send OTPs, and collect feedback with a single click

safe and secure

Flexible Pulse Slabs

You only pay for what you use, with pulse rates starting per second.


No Infrastructure Required

With PRP's web portal, no complex infrastructure is needed. All you need is an internet connection and our portal.


Pay Only for Answered Calls

You can reduce your campaign and business costs by only paying for calls answered by your leads.


Unlimited Scalability

Our flexible pricing plans and scalable infrastructure will boost your campaign reach at any time.

Enhanced business performance

Enhanced Customer Support

Our product experts are available to assist you at any time from anywhere.

Automated data backup

Real-Time Call Analytics

Our real-time reporting and user-friendly dashboard allow you to monitor multiple live campaigns.

Features of Bulk Voice Call Service

Run Multiple Campaigns

Automated Call Retries


Campaign Scheduling

DND List Check

It's Free to Get Started.

With low latency and high deliverability, our VOICE API’s are the most reliable way to reach users around the globe.

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Industry Solution

An all-in-one solution for every industry

safe and secure

Political Campaigns

  • Send bulk voice messages to voters
  • Update campaign information for Volunteers
  • Conduct sample election surveys


  • Send notifications to patients
  • Update doctors of emergencies
  • Inform about health camps


  • Broadcast important announcements
  • Broadcast admission campaigns
  • Run surveys and collect feedback campaigns


  • Send booking reminders and the latest updates
  • Conduct surveys, and collect patient feedback
  • Inform seasonal offers to customers
Enhanced business performance


  • Enable protection with OTP on call
  • Stop suspicious activities by sending verification calls
  • Send offers discounted offers and promote loans
Automated data backup


  • Send verification calls for expensive orders
  • Send updates for upcoming sales offers
  • Connect broadcast with the company’s IVR