What is a Virtual Phone Number?

Virtual number is a cloud-based number used to route incoming calls to the specified agents as per the customer's request. Businesses can use local and international virtual business numbers to expand their market reach.

Benefits of Virtual Number Solution

Manage your business with a smart, cost-effective solution that can be customized to meet your needs

safe and secure

Higher Conversion Rate

Keep track of every inbound and outbound call that could be a business opportunity and engage proactively to increase conversion rates.


Call Masking

With a number masking solution, customer and agent details can be hidden during a live call, ensuring customer privacy and zero lead leakage.


Track ROI

Businesses can easily track the campaign that has yielded the most calls by using the virtual number. Unique numbers are assigned to each campaign and they can easily be traced.


Flexible Call Management

Callers are routed to specific agents based on their availability, history and location.

Enhanced business performance

Real-time Data Insights

Get actionable data on call performance, using call logs to gauge agent performance.

Automated data backup

Be Omnipresent

All customer calls can be forwarded to agents' mobile numbers and landlines so they can manage business calls from anywhere.

How does Virtual Phone Number Work?

The caller dials a number that delivers the call to the client's selected number through an application software.

The calls can be forwarded to any mobile device or landline since there is no telephone line.

Virtual Phone numbers serve as call routers.

Features of Virtual Phone Number

Intelligent Call Routing

Call Recordings

Call Forwarding

International Numbers

Multi-level IVR

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