What is a Toll Free Number Service?

Ensure seamless interaction between your agents and customers for query resolution, upcoming promotions and upcoming events with your 1800 business toll free number.

Benefits of Toll Free Number

Toll Free Number campaigns are an efficient way to promote your services and products

safe and secure

Enhance Lead Conversion

Toll free numbers drive greater call volume, which leads to more leads being converted into sales.


Build Brand Identity

In addition to being easy to remember, customers are able to associate your brand with a toll-free number.


Enhanced Customer Experience

Businesses can easily track the campaign that has yielded the most calls by using the virtual number. Unique numbers are assigned to each campaign and they can easily be traced.


Establish 24 x7 Availability

Stay in touch with your customers even after business hours with toll free business numbers.

Enhanced business performance

Track Marketing Campaigns

Track the effectiveness of marketing campaigns seamlessly. Through toll-free numbers, you can collect customer feedback and surveys instantly.

Automated data backup

Generate Business in New Markets

With premium toll free numbers, you can reach customers across the country without having to invest in on-site infrastructure.

How to get a Toll Free Number?

Get a 1800 toll free number from PRP Services online. To buy a toll free number, you can call +91 7669933464 or submit your details in the Lead form and connect with one of our executives.

They will help you select an 1800 number of your choice and book it for you.

Features of Toll Free Number Solution

Multi-Level IVR

Call Recordings

Call Routing

Live Call Tracking

CRM Integration

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