What is Click to Call Solution?

Click to Call is known as click for a talk or click to dial. In this, a person clicks a button while in real-time communication to connect to another person, without either of them dialing the number. Businesses can integrate our click to call API to implement a click to call service for their customer-facing teams. In simple terms, it allows customers to receive a call from any business by simply dropping their number on any company's website.

Benefits of Click To Call Solution

Allow visitors to initiate the call instantly by clicking or tapping on your website or mobile app

safe and secure

Reduce Call Waiting Time

Agents can reach customers instantly using click to dial solutions instead of manually dialing new numbers every time.


Capture Website Visitors

Provide a prompt method to inquire about the services to convert web traffic into potential leads.


Zero calls missed

You can receive callback requests from customers at any time.


Easy CRM Integration

By integrating click to dial with your CRM, your agents can segment customers according to their needs/inquiries.

Enhanced business performance

Better customer experience

Make it easy for your customers to contact you by reducing their effort.

Automated data backup

Call Tracking & Monitoring

To ensure quality and data analysis, all calls between agents and customers are tracked, recorded, and monitored in real time.

How can click-to-dial be implemented?

On Website : Your website contains a link/widget where users can enter their phone numbers. A call is instantly connected to a preset number using the Click To Call API. Through the call, your agent and customer are now directly connected.

On APP : You can integrate a click to call button on your app to allow customers to contact your customer service team. The input command is sent to the server, which then dials the customer.

Features of Click To Call Solution

No Number Dialing

Call Recording & Tracking

Unlimited Channels

Detailed Reporting

CRM Integration

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